CBD Coffee – Full Spectrum 150mg | 12oz ground


Stay alert and focused with our water soluble Full Spectrum CBD coffee. Get the alertness of your everyday cup of coffee without the caffeine jitters.

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Do you drink coffee every day?

Do you use CBD, or looking to start using CBD, to provide relief of some sort?

If so then you should try our CBD infused coffee.  Our ground coffee is infused with water soluble full spectrum CBD of the highest quality.  Depending on how strong you brew your coffee you should be getting around 2mg~5mg of CBD per cup.

There are various reasons to take CBD and our coffee is just one of the mechanisms to get CBD into your body.  For the most part the coffee alone probably will not provide the daily amount of CBD you require and should be used in conjunction with another one of our products (for example coffee in the morning and a tincture dose later in the day).

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